Professional Dental 3D Printer

Edge E1

Designed for those who want to switch to digital dentistry.
Rayshape 3D printer offers speed, accuracy and successful prints.

Fast printing for an entire platform
Open system
Compatible with 3rd party resin brands
Well-designed and easy to operate

Cost-effective Dental
3D Printer

An 8.9'' 4K mono LCD screen can be filled with full upper

and lower arches ready for making aligners, study models, dentures, splints, and other dental applications.

Designed for new customers newly in the digital dentistry era. The 3D printer delivers speed, accuracy, and successful prints.

Technical Specifications

Build volume 192 × 120 × 190 mm

Pixel Size 50 μm

Dynamic Layer Thickness 0.05~0.1mm

Technology LCD

Print Speed Up to 40mm (1.5 inches) / 1 hour

Materials ShapeMaterials

Dental Series / Open System

Touchscreen 7’’

Device Dimension 390 × 420× 535 mm

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