P400 Industrial Printer

4K Industrial-Grade DLP 3D Printer

4K DLP large forming area, dimensional accuracy, and production efficiency

P400 4K DLP 3D printer is RAYSHAPE's heavyweight product for the mass production of terminal parts. It integrates RAYSHAPE's cutting-edge technology. In addition to having a high projection resolution of up to 3840×2160 pixels, it also has a 395mm molding height.

Combining the advanced series of resins with the heated chamber system can provide 7*24 hours of high-performance parts production capacity for multiple industries and applications.

The P400 Series delivers the best accuracy coupled with the highest finished product functionality with the advanced DLP technology.


Mechanical engineering, electronic component, education, cultural, dentistry, creative industries and beyond.

Larger size and mass production
The chamber can be heated to 60°C
High-viscosity photosensitive resins
Customize the spot size

4 times the size of the 1080P projector

Larger output and size, better surface quality

Various photosensitive resins can be printed, compatible with Dokuz Kimya's full range of consumables, and high-temperature molding is used to optimize printed samples' performance.

Realize the mass production of terminal devices. At the same time, the fine layer pattern is negligible, and the surface quality is better.

It is suitable for prototype factories, high value-added cultural and creative hand-run factories, shoe mold making, small and medium-sized terminal product production, high-performance prototype verification, etc.

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