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High performance materials accessible on a wide variety of DLP and LCD platforms.
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Best-in-class materials suitable for end-use and high-volume production.

Strong & Rigid

Produce Rigid Industrial Parts for the End User!

  • The resin is a high strength engineering material with impact resistance and excellent surface quality.
  • It is an excellent material that has gained hardness with its less stretching feature.
  • The resin is ideal for end-use functional high production parts in various industries.
  • Used in the production of parts that require screwing operation.

Automotive parts

Model ABS Like

Alias Model ABS Like: Economic Formula Where Power Combines with Aesthetics

  • Economical Price: Budget-friendly option.
  • Strong and Durable: It has a break-resistant structure with which it provides a high level of durability and a long life for your prints.
  • Clean Formula: Comfortable to use due to its odourless structure.
  • High Print Quality: Get detailed, stable prints with accurate and smooth surfaces.
Automotive parts

Strong & Tough

Produce Flexible Industrial Parts for the End User!

  • It has excellent bending and tensile properties with high elongation value, high performances and it is a high-strength product.
  • It provides impact resistance, stretching and shape protection for compelling engineering applications.
  • Used for applications requiring high-strength and high flexibility. The resin is an ideal material for the production of end-use parts.
  • Suitable for repeated bending, drilling, screwdriving and drop-in applications.

Automotive parts
Industrial Parts


Produce Flexible Industrial Parts at Affordable Prices!

  • The resin, balanced with softness and toughness, is highly resistant to pressing, stretching and bending.
  • Suitable for hole drilling and drop applications.

Industrial Parts


Have you reach this speed before ?

If it's about speed, you should definitely try it. It can reduce the time up to 5 times in applications such as high-height shoe soles.

It is ultra fast

  • Withstands 130 °C
  • Used in the manufacture of shoe soles
  • Smooth surface for post-press processes
  • Objects can be painted after printing

Shoe Sole Model

Making shoe soles is easy now and cost-effective

Alias Shoe Sole Model resin produces special product shoe soles. It is a price performance product.

  • It is affordableGives accurate results
  • Extremely suitable for prototypes
  • Smooth surface for post-press processes
  • Objects can be painted after printing

Shoe Sole Model+

Produce Shoe Sole is easy now

Alias Shoe Sole Model resin produces special for professional product shoe soles. After the printing the models keep their forms.

  • Strong products are obtained and resistant to breakage
  • Accurate results
  • Excellent for prototyping
  • Smooth surface for finishing
  • Objects can be painted after printing